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Erwan Heussaff

I’m a French-Filipino content creator with a passion for good food, travel, and fitness. You can find me both in front of and behind the camera on my YouTube channel. I want to show everyone the great (sometimes healthy, sometimes fatty) food in my home country, the Philippines, through simple and easy to follow recipes, and hope you learn with me about food and culture around the world in fun travel vlogs.

  • The responsibility of saving our oceans is on us. Not tomorrow, but today. Nico and I recently went running and picked up some plastic along the way. It's absolutely everywhere, in our earth, rivers and seas. Plastic is not the devil, the problem is how we use it and how we dispose of it. Comsume consciously, don't litter, educate people and try to lower your impact on our planet. Please watch my new video on youtube that I made in collaboration with Adidas x Parley (link in bio). We know that we didn't really make a difference on the day we did this, but what we want to do is to motivate 100 people to take action, who can ifluence a 1000, who can influence millions, who can create a real and lasting change. 
Adidas will match every 1km you run and log on Runtastic by donating 1$ to the Parley Plastic Program. Also by purchasing products from the Parley line you are supporting a prevention program that helps keep plastic out of our Ocean. More info on the video and here @adidasph
  • One of the dishes I had a fun time preparing for our New Zealand inspired dinner. Akaroa Mi Cuit Salmon, Horseradish cream, Arugula puree, pickled onions, dill and amaranth. New Zealand salmon is possibly one of the best you'll ever taste, so glad I got to cook it for people #nzmustdo @purenewzealand
  • Who's a fan of eggs?? I personally love soft boiled eggs, however if you've made them before, you'll realize that depending on your pot size, stove top and eggs, the results can vary. Check out my new video on youtube (link in bio) where I give you some tips and try different cooking times, so that you don't have to!
  • This gloomy city weather is making me miss the mountains. Also, to satisfy everyone who says I look like Christopher McCandless in Into The Wild "Happiness is only real once shared"
  • I was finally able to complete the 1 minute continuous pull up challenge. Took me a couple of weeks to work up to and it paid off at the end. If you're curious to work on your calisthenic strength, I highly recommended going on youtube and watching the Official ThenX Videos. That's how I started getting better with all my pull movements. With @livesmart #freeyoutubeeveryday you can watch up to one hour of content on YouTube, everyday. Just the right amount of time to start putting in the work at the gym! With fitness it's all about chasing the next challenge to keep yourself from hitting a plateau or getting bored. Other challenges to chase:
1. Max push-ups on 1 minute.
2. Max burpees in 1 minute.
3. Max plank.
Which one do you want to try next?
  • A conversation on BBM (when that was a thing) in June of 2010. Not much has changed @annecurtissmith.
1. Our nicknames were annoying. (yes, these were self selected) 
2. Emojis weren't as sophisticated as they are now.
3. The way to a woman's heart is clearly through the stomach.
4. It's always the man's fault, even if he is just trying to help out.
5. Always back up all your conversations on drive, you never know when you'll want to read them again for a good laugh. 
<3 gANNEda Curtis-Smith <3 : I don't know nga e.. That's why I'm asking you :/
*FR*Erwan Heussaff™: Roasted lamb with mashed potatoes and caremlized onions
*FR*Erwan Heussaff™: Porterhouse with rissoto
*FR*Erwan Heussaff™: Tartuffo pasta
<3 gANNEda Curtis-Smith <3 : Ok where? :)
*FR*Erwan Heussaff™: Haha which one fatty
*FR*Erwan Heussaff™: ?
<3 gANNEda Curtis-Smith <3 : I don't know nga e.. What do you think?
*FR*Erwan Heussaff™: Haha I love indecisive sundays!
*FR*Erwan Heussaff™: I don't know I was just naming dishes you'd like..
*FR*Erwan Heussaff™: :s
📷 @hendryyadhisna