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Erwan Heussaff

I’m a French-Filipino content creator with a passion for good food, travel, and fitness. You can find me both in front of and behind the camera on my YouTube channel. I want to show everyone the great (sometimes healthy, sometimes fatty) food in my home country, the Philippines, through simple and easy to follow recipes, and hope you learn with me about food and culture around the world in fun travel vlogs.

  • Who is a fan of Embutido with way too red banana ketchup? This is recipe 2 out of 12 to help you prepare a Filipino holiday feast I make mine with chorizo inside, steamed and then seared in atsuete oil. Simple and delicious. Get everything you need @landersph Link in bio #thefatkidinsideproductions #thefatkidinside
  • If you are anything like me, you can't resist a simple Lumpiang Shanghai with vinegar (yes I prefer it over sweet and sour). This is the recipe 1 of 12 of my Christmas series with Landers. I will be posting Instagram, facebook and YouTube videos with the recipes, everyday until December 21. Cooking all the dishes I love to see on a Filipino holiday spread. Hope it helps you home cooks out! P.S only 100 The Fat Kid Inside aprons are available at head on over there quickly!
  • It's that time of year where we get weird folks. Over the next 12 days, starting tonight, I will be posting 12 of my favorite Filipino Christmas recipes on here, Facebook and YouTube. Watch out for it!
  • The game that broke my brand new buzzer. There's never a day that Nico and I don't compete with each other. In this video, we find out who's the real boss around the office with the help of the #GalaxyNote9PH. Watch as we attempt to rap on some sick beats, bond with our pets, cook a mean steak and eat wasabi on day old chickens. Full video on my Facebook page. #thefatkidinsideproductions
  • I'm currently sorting all my videos from Africa. One month is no joke. I didn't want to make practical travel videos out of this footage, I just wanted to document beautiful things. So if I end up editing them, it'll probably just be very indulgent videos of landscapes, people and animals ✌️ but I couldn't resist testing out some footage on the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k that I brought with me (get yours @voozu_ph ) , mind you this is just a bunch of random shots that are barely treated, just edited on Premiere in 30mins. Look at that color though 😍😍 Music: Do You Realize - Ursine Vulpine
  • If you have large Christmas parties coming up this month, yes, good food is important, but please do not forget the drinks. Here is a simple Pink Gimlet recipe that everyone can make at home. Using the new The Bar Pink Gin. Perfect for those who like a bite in their cocktails with some floral and botanical notes. Also, it's unbeatable at its price point. #thebarpinkgin #thefatkidinsideproductions