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Bacolod is known to be home of Inasal, but there’s more to their cuisine than that. It’s a city also known for its comfort food. Particularly, their soups. Bacolod has its own versions of soups that you can find around the Philippines. Filipino soups are generally made with boiled meats and vegetables, sometimes flavored with…

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Erwan Heussaff

I’m a French-Filipino content creator with a passion for good food, travel, and fitness. You can find me both in front of and behind the camera on my YouTube channel. I want to show everyone the great (sometimes healthy, sometimes fatty) food in my home country, the Philippines, through simple and easy to follow recipes, and hope you learn with me about food and culture around the world in fun travel vlogs.

  • Just finished scripting episode 1 from the Melbourne series. On schedule to release on the first week of November!
  • The second part of our Samar adventure is up online. Just click the link on the bio. For this one we were joined by both some free divers and surfers to explore the waves and what's underneath them.
If you want something to take your mind off of the grind, this is the video for you.
  • Watch out for Episode 2 of Going Coastal Samar, now up on YouTube. 
This episode is all about more surfing and some free diving. The region offers some of the best of both worlds. Probably one of my favorite adventure packed road trips that I've taken in the Philippines to date. 
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  • Awesome weekend spent with good friends at the beach.
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What happens when you put @sidmaderazo with a new black magic pocket camera and I, together in a kitchen studio? We make Delata Done Right, a corned beef dish that no one will ever make lol. Inspired by @chefjacqueslamerde
  • Tested out the new @electric_century_surfboards longboard during a sunset session, on some baby waves in Zambales. 📸 @sebgilbert