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Erwan Heussaff

I’m a French-Filipino content creator with a passion for good food, travel, and fitness. You can find me both in front of and behind the camera on my YouTube channel. I want to show everyone the great (sometimes healthy, sometimes fatty) food in my home country, the Philippines, through simple and easy to follow recipes, and hope you learn with me about food and culture around the world in fun travel vlogs.

  • Sarie went for the pork and shrimp combo. I had the delcious all shrimp Katsu.
  • Hitting that Harajuku gyoza hard!
  • It's been a gloomy couple of days but our Tokyo metro City guide shoot is pulling through. @samsungph #GearS3Ph
  • Eating all my fruits and vegetables in Tokyo.
  • Check out one of my favourite Sunday roast recipes on youtube. Crispy pork belly, beans, red rice and coconut cream. One of the easiest spreads you'll ever have to make. Link on bio.
  • Lots of people don't know that the whole The Fat Kid Inside thing started off as a blog, before turning to video and social media channels. I make it a point to keep it up and running. All the health, fitness and food questions I get on a regular basis are most of the time already answered in previous articles on the blog. Have a look through :) recently redesigned by @mrdigitalnomad