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Erwan Heussaff

I’m a French-Filipino content creator with a passion for good food, travel, and fitness. You can find me both in front of and behind the camera on my YouTube channel. I want to show everyone the great (sometimes healthy, sometimes fatty) food in my home country, the Philippines, through simple and easy to follow recipes, and hope you learn with me about food and culture around the world in fun travel vlogs.

  • 10 ways you can reduce your water consumption at home and help conserve water for everyone. Watch the full video on my igtv.
  • Getting a workout in with the boys. Probably one of the best crossfit box set ups in the Philippines I've seen, all the way here in Puerto Princesa.
  • If we do our part, we can be part of the solution and help the current situation.
  • Solenn's true Wifezilla side comes out when she is in the kitchen. Remember this is the first time we try out our recipes, so the results aren't supposed to be perfect, it's all about fun and making something edible. Honestly they were both quite tasty. Sibling Bake Off #2 LECHE FLAN Link in bio.
  • Who loves a good old, creamy Leche flan? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ Solenn and I put our baking skills to the test, yet again, to see who can make the best untested recipes for a modern version of this traditional dessert. Link in bio.
  • When jetlag hits.... 🤪 Trolling my wife and dealing with the consequences after is one of my favourite pass times. Because #menhavecleavagetoo #bulliedhusbandsclub #arnoldsarmy 30 more days of the cut left. P. S for those of you waiting for Nicos comment, he is on a flight, so hopefully he doesn't see this.