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Keep your bar well stocked with gin!

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Until recently, whiskey was the star in many bars across Metro Manila. But I noticed that many people are also starting to get into gin. A classic gin and tonic is a staple in any bar, whether at home or commercially. The thing about gin is that it isn’t as regulated as wine or whiskey….

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They say the best burgers have the perfect ratio of fat to meat, so you get the juiciest bite. Oftentimes, you can’t tell what the ratio is in regular ground beef from the supermarket. More fat means a juicier but looser patty, while leaner meat can lead to a dry burger. What’s the solution? Grinding…

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Food & Drinks

Hey guys! I’m trying to do more of these quick little updates and snippets of my day just to show you all what’s up and what’s happening. Stay tuned to my channel (SUBSCRIBE!!!) and join the notification squad to make sure you don’t miss a thing! Cooking is an art, a skill, and a great…

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