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Now this is how you eat (or drink) watermelon!

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I love using watermelon when it comes to parties with alcohol. It adds great flavour and it can serve many people! Working with watermelon also means you can get creative. Using the skin as a container adds flair and function to any gathering. The sweeter your watermelon, the better! That way, you won’t have to…

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It has been an ongoing debate whether or not smoothies are healthy. At first look, we would say of course they are! These drinks contain fiber, folate, Vitamin C, and Potassium which come from the fruit itself. You also get your fix of protein and calcium by adding milk or yogurt in your smoothie recipe….

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Making an Overnight Tokyo guide was something I’ve always wanted to do ever since we started doing the series. But it always seemed like a gargantuan task because of how huge the city is. Thanks to Tokyo Metro, we were finally able to create Overnight Tokyo! Please watch and enjoy the video below: Here’s a…

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