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They say that street food is the window to a country’s culture. In fact, street food has been a huge part of our identity as Filipinos. It’s almost impossible not to spot a vendor on the side of the road, with their vibrant selection of food on display. People working nearby flock around the stall…

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California definitely shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to exploring food. Here you can find dishes that are inventive and challenges to push food past its limits. Guaranteed the servings are big, because they clearly know how to appease a growling stomach. Each region is known for distinct varieties of food. Here are places we’ve…

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Salmon is popular as a superfood, but how does it exactly benefit our health? Safebeat lists it down for you: It boosts your immunity. Salmon is high in omega-3, selenium, and vitamins A and D. These are essential for your immune system to fight off chronic illnesses. It’s packed with good protein. This helps fill you up and…

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