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When kitchens are getting smaller or time is running out, it’s best to rely on multi-purpose equipment. There are a bunch of multi-use cookers and ovens out there, but what’s best for your home? I’m testing out the Samsung Smart Oven in my own kitchen. I’ll be making Orange Fried Chicken using the smart oven….

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In the Philippines, we hate seeing things go to waste. We’re a country fond of up-cycling, or turning scrap materials into something new and useful, of using every single bit of an animal when cooking. Take for example a Filipino favorite, sisig, which makes use of pig face and ears. Many would balk at the thought…

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When one thinks of Australia, what comes to mind are usually kangaroos, koalas, and Sydney. But this massive country that is also a continent is home to many other cities that are worth exploring. On the southeastern tip of Australia lies Melbourne. This coastal capital is about an hour and a half flight away from…

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Samar. What do you know about it? Some know it as the island next to Leyte, which was ransacked by a horrible typhoon in 2013. Others know it as a huge caving destination, and the home of the longest bridge in the country. Whatever the case, many Filipinos and foreigners alike don’t often make their…

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You’ve probably heard the buzz about it, come across it during your trip to your nearest whole foods market, or seen it slowly, steadily replace that once-bestselling quinoa grain bowl. But what is Adlai, anyway? And what makes it the latest cult-favorite superfood? Truth be told, there is much to love this up-and-coming powerhouse grain,…

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