Cream and Ice = Genius

My sister recently gave me an ice cream maker because I’ve been constantly bugging her for it and ever since i’ve received it, all i’ve been doing is creating different flavours and taste combinations i always had in my head but never attempted to try. See, im on of those people who always says, “he should of done that with this dish” or “he should of tried adding this to his cream…”, but im also one of those who says if you think you can do it better, or if you have an opinion to express, make sure you can back it up and do it yourself. So this is me doing it myself.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but there’s something about the combination of cream and sugar that just seems so festive to me. I believe it dates back to the time of strawberries and cream, such an old school, classic, rustic dish that we dont see much anymore. When i was younger, all it took for me to manage a smile was big bowl of sweet juicy strawberries and a well balanced side of whipped cream. That grainy residual sugar after taste that ensued would be worth it all. If i close my eyes, i can feel and taste it easily. Food memories are that strong.

One of the other reasons i wanted an ice cream machine is that i love distributing food to friends and family so that they can have a taste; unfortunately with salty food, its quite tough to give away, since it might dry out or wont be heated properly and basically wont taste the same as what it set out to be. I could do cakes, cookies, breads and other dry items, but those can take quite a long time and are not my forte, especially to produce big quantities of. So i found my solace in ice cream, the ultimate comfort food. I make it, freeze it, deliver it. That’s it.

As with many things, i become a little obsessive compulsive and a little too excited, creating different flavours in excess and being left with lots of stock in my already-too-small freezer. Which is why for a limited time i decided to put them up for sale at a friends booth in Rockwell @CasaSanLuis. They told me that we sold out on the first day! how great is that? Well i’ll be making some more at night after work, so hopefully there will be a minimum stock amount there for you guys to try out until Christmas. This is all really in good fun, i have no intention of becoming a professional ice cream maker, its tough work!

Here is some pure indulgence food porn dyi ice cream, for you with a very She and Him Christmas music. Happy holidays everyone! i hope you’ve done all your shopping (i know i haven’t)

You can actually make ice cream without an ice cream maker. The problem is when you make some you are basically bringing something from a liquid to a solid (ice) state, meaning that if you don’t monitor it properly it’ll just be one massive block, which isn’t what you want at all! Here i show you how to do it at home without a maker:

1. first find the perfect base for you.

2. for about 2 litters, i use 1 cup of whole milk, 3 1/2 cup of whipping cream, 1 cup of sugar, 3 eggs and 1/2 cup of whatever flavoring you  are using (smashed fruit, chocolate powder, etc… – Go online there are some great ones out there, just let your imagination go wild)

3. Start by whisking together 2 whole eggs and one yolk with your sugar. While heating the cream, flavouring and milk in a  separate pot until hot.

4. Take one cupe of the hot liquid and mix it in vigorously with the egg mixture, this is to make sure that your eggs dont curdle and become weird. Once its heated you want to transfer the eggs into the hot pot with the rest of the mixture, very carefully, again making sure it doesnt curdle.

5. Once the back of a spoon can be coated with the mix, you’re good. Chill the mix completely overnight in the fridge.

6. The next day transfer the chilled custard into a freezer proof bowl and put it in the freezer. Every 30mins take out the mix and bash it up with some elbow grease and a strong armed whisk. Do this every 30-40 minutes, until the desired “ice-creamy” texture is obtained.

Let me know how it goes!!








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