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Pick of the Week: How Much Water Should We Drink in a Day?

You know how I always say #googlemolang? Well, naturally people ask Google everything under the sun. One of the world’s …

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Hot and Spicy Green Mango Salad

by Sydaney Moog Sour green mangoes work well to satisfy a craving, sliced up and dipped in bagoong (shrimp paste) …

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Off The Eaten Track: Ramen Night at Yamazaki

By Cheenee Villafuerte Photos by Jeruel Pingol Friends would often invite me to try a ramen house just across the …

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Inspire Post: How I lost 18 kgs in 6 Months

By Dennis Borbolla It was eight months ago when I noticed my clothes were getting smaller, or to my dismay, …

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Five Unforgettable Food Experiences in Kyoto, Japan

by Trish Sebastian Kyoto is the kind of place that will haunt you and follow you around, days later after …

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Pick of the Week: You Can’t Detox Your Body

According to medical studies, there’s no such thing as “detoxing.” Diet and exercise is the only way to get healthy. Edzard …

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Bait’s at The Red Light

A red light usually means to stop but at Bait’s Seafood Restaurant at The Red Light, it just means all …

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Top 10 Recipes for 2014

2014 is about to close and as promised, here are your top 10 TFKI recipes! Thanks for your support this …

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Inspire Post: From Fatty to Body Builder

By Carlo Benipayo I was always the fat kid but I never really cared much because I enjoyed food. Then puberty …

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Around the World in Christmas Treats

Words by Lara L. Antonio Illustrations by Che Bantayan  Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year: the time for …

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I gained weight because of a sedentary lifestyle and overly indulging in foods I knew were bad for me, eating out too often, taking the easy route (microwavable dishes) and not caring what went in my body, before I knew it reached 240 lbs. I lost weight through pure dedication, tireless hours of hard work and yes, food. I cooked my way to fitness, making sure to only feed myself tasty well prepared dishes with all the right stuff, the perfect fuel, taking me down to 150lbs. Of course I indulge from time to time, as the fat kid still lurks inside of me; here you will find a little bit of everything for the sole purpose of sharing my passion for food and life.





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