Pick of the Week: How to Make the Most of Fresh Herbs

Pick of the Week: How to Make the Most of Fresh Herbs
May 01, 2015



I use a lot of herbs in my cooking. It's a fresh and nutritious way to add flavor to your dishes. But dealing with fresh herbs is tricky. Especially here in the Philippines where it's sometimes too hot for our own good.

One trick I've learned to keeping fresh herbs well, fresh, is to treat them as flowers: they should be kept moist with a lot of breathing room.

For Pick of the Week, here's a nifty little 4-step guide to getting the most of your fresh herbs from our friends at Instructables.com


Or you may want to learn to dry your herbs: http://food52.com/blog/7551-how-to-dry-your-herbs

Or do what I do and pound your fresh herbs into a pesto:






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