Bushwack Cooking: Mountain Risotto

Bushwack Cooking: Mountain Risotto
April 28, 2015




New Series!



Bushwack cooking will feature me cooking food with a small pantry and some regular camping tools (that are all available in ROX in Manila) somewhere on a mountain.

Here I'm making a very simple risotto that will taste good, even if you don't lug around a white wine bottle when you go hiking.


#tryingstuff with Columbia.

And in case you're wondering, here are all the hiking apparel I'm wearing (because some people are into that).

Top: Columbia Freeze Degree Short sleeve (Technolgies – Omni Freeze Zero, Omni Wick Evap and Omni Shade)

Bottoms: Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants (Technologies – Omni Wick and Omni Shade)

Watch: Columbia II Basekamp Bag: Columbia Silver Ridge 25L

Backpack (Technologies – Omni Shield and Techlite)

Footwear: Columbia Peakfreak Nomad (Technologies – Omni Tech and Techlite)


Let me know if you want me to try anything and watch out for the rest of our series!

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