Body Reboot Update: Double Trouble with J & J

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Body Reboot Update: Double Trouble with J & J
March 25, 2015

If you guys saw the last episode of Body Reboot with our participant Devan, you’ll know why focus and will-power are the two most important things for losing weight. She had tried it all when it came to dieting and physical activities, and even Coach Jon and I struggled to bring her up to shape.

This week, however, you’ll see a really interesting example of will-power in the form of competitive spirit. Siblings Jamie and Joel are huge rivals, and they can’t stop teasing each other about being fat. I decided we could put that healthy competition to good use as they both tried their hardest to lose weight in 90 days.

The siblings also love rap music – so much that they’re actually working on their very own album. They’ve always wanted to make their own music video, but their size has stopped them from doing so because they’re not comfortable or confident with how they look.

This episode you can see how I teach double trouble Jamie and Joel a whole new gym regime, putting their rivalry to good effect to spur them on. Plus I show them how to make a healthy version of a favourite Hawker food. It’s a two part special on Jamie and Joel starting this Monday so don’t miss it! To get you more excited, here the trailer for this episode!

Now, you’ve only got 2 more weeks to enter the Body Reboot competition so get to it!  All you have to do is photograph a healthy dish that you whipped up yourself and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use the hashtag #BodyReboot90 and be sure to add your name and email so we know who you are. Winners stand to win a bag full of sports goodies and $250 worth of spa vouchers. We’re nearly at the end of the series and I’ll choose my winner then. Good luck!

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