Southern Eats: Bagnet

One doesn’t have to travel to Ilocos to get a taste of an expertly cooked, delicious piece of Bagnet. Just along President’s Avenue, on the ground floor of the Puregold grocery in BF Parañaque is a place called Bhoying’s Ilocos Pork & Chicken Bagnet. The restaurant welcomes you with a glaring orange neon sign with the word BAGNET spelled-out, the sound of crackling pork in a pool of hot oil and the sight of stacks upon stacks of golden, angel-like Bagnet. Quite the welcoming committee!

After about 10 minutes of torture, my order came with piping hot rice and a fairly good amount of our main star on the plate. “Hello my friends, my golden, glistening, shining friends,” I say to my plate. What the sight of crunchy, deep-fried, mouth wateringly-succulent pork does to me. I mixed vinegar with some soy sauce in a rush, to make sure that my ritual was complete, before I finally steadying my hand, taking my first bite and being stopped dumb; the simple mélange of crispness and moisture was perfection. I heard nothing else at that moment but the sound of the crackling pork in my mouth and the flow of coating fat, like a symphony of savoury flavours with a tangy kick from the vinegar. Forgive me my arteries, for I have sinned!

I was brought-out of my nearly delirious state of delight by the realization that I had already consumed every morsel of Bagnet on my plate. What a glorious meal. Comfort food at its finest! What a sad day when all is over.

I walked home that night still giddy from the great meal I had. Well, I also wanted to walk off what I ate if that even makes sense. Tomorrow, I must make one of Erwan’s healthy recipes to make up for my (delicious) transgressions today. Perhaps something with Quinoa? Makes me wonder if Erwan can make a healthier Bagnet recipe? That would be so awesome! (Note from Erwan: I would never do such a thing)

I slept that night with a wide, satisfied grin on my face, still relishing and recounting the flavours that only delectable comfort food can offer. What a great, gratifying night. Thank you, Bhoyings!

Bhoying’s is located at:

Ground Floor, Puregold Price Club, Inc.
President Avenue B.F. Homes,
Parañaque City, Metro Manila

Tel.: 5048019
Mobile: 0915-1896281

by Eric Panganiban for The Fat Kid Inside


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    1. Lucinda Panganiban Dominguez 'Cindy' May 6, 2013 at 6:29 pm

      Hi Eric!
      I’m from the south and I often eat at Bhoyings and the bagnet is indeed delicious!
      Great blog!




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