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Pick of the Week: Couple Sues Burger King and More Food-Related Lawsuits
February 26, 2016

Doug and Patty Wargo filed a suit against the burger joint last December after they were charged twice for a meal, which amounted to $17.35. They are also suing for $113.90 for the court filing fees.

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Nutrition & Fitness
Pick of the Week: Why do We Get Itchy
December 11, 2015

(Itch Latin: pruritus) is a sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. 

For pick of the week, our friends from Life Noggin, explains what goes on with our bodies when we itch. 

And yes, itching is contagious. Let me know if you felt a little itchy just by watching the video below. Because I know I did! 

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