Chicken, Coconut and Corn Soup – Childhood Wonder


I catch myself staring at the window sometimes, deciphering the playful shadows and the theatrical movement of dust particles with their joyous demeanour towards the steady flood of the sun. This is a moment that brings me back in time, not to a specific instant but to a realisation that I’ve probably done the same thing, thousands of times, since I was about 4 years old. The only difference being that today I find myself musing on lifelong unanswered questions and daily responsibilities, compared to sweet thoughts of what game I was about to play and the anticipation of getting out of bed and discovering a whole new world in my backyard.

When you really think about it, there are a lot of things we’ve all been doing as children that have remained the same but that have just gone through a perspective make over. Walking outdoors today seems so mundane to most, whereas back then it was the most exciting of times, everyday could have been an adventure and the asphalt was just your path to getting there. Stuck in traffic, we all cuss and stress out because of the sudden inactivity in our day, whereas as a kid this meant we could spend more time just doing nothing and entertaining ourselves with little secret games we didn’t want anyone to know anything about.

Nothing has changed. So my advice to you is to Stop, take a breath and rediscover your curiosity.

I’ve been doing this ever since last year, I try and find the simple joys in my day to day rat race. It has a positive effect on your outlook, your interaction with people and determines the radiance of your passion.

Something like eating a bowl of soup; A clear broth, bubbling away for hours with chicken bones and vegetables, a well-proportioned piece of protein, some greens, some acid and just loads of flavour. There is hardly anything more enjoyable than the arrival of a steaming bowl in front of you, the waves flirting and imbibing you with promises of slurps and warmth, the way the bowl feels in your palms, the increasing heat that you can’t help but keep touching, the way the ingredients swim in the broth, teasing you with their textures and flavours, the moment your spoon fogs up right before plunging in and serving you with that first taste of comfort gleefully taking over your taste buds. With spicy soups, the way you will keep on sweating constantly with every bite, the purging feeling it gives you, as if each drop of sweat that goes down is purifying you from all your deep woes and each sip of the earnest broth you take is just a replenishement of your soul.

When I’m having a hard day, I eat a bowl of soup and it reminds me that in the inside I’m still a kid and that I can still look at the world with childlike wonder.

Here is my recipe for a chicken and corn soup. It actually stems from a mix match of Thai and Filipino soups, all the ingredients are locally available in Rustans. This is a recipe that is great for kids. Its healthy, heartfelt and really tasty without having them think too much about whether there are vegetables in there or not. Give it a go.

In the video, i add a vegetable locally called Gabi, the international equivalent is Taro Root.






    1. Chrissa June 2, 2013 at 2:24 am

      Love the writing on this post. We are all once mere children. And you are right, we should not lose the joy and wonder of childhood. Thanks for the reminder. This soup looks so delicious and healthy ingredients in there, too! I once did a Mexican tortilla soup after thanksgiving from the leftover turkey. Just like you said, nothing better than warm soup to warm the soul. Your recipe is one of the most creative I’ve seen. You truly are a genius! Food genius that is! Hope to try this recipe one of these days. Again, good job Erwan




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