Hefty Salads


People who don’t see salad as a meal have serious issues. It’s a mix of protein, vegetables, sometimes starch and sauces. A perfectly balance mix of ingredients ready to fill you up. Of course a green salad isn’t a meal, well maybe for bugs and super models, but I like my salads to be substantial, to a point where I could put them in front of a 250 pound Mixed Martial artist or rugby player and not be afraid of him complaining and eventually beating me up.

Never beat up your cooks please.

Here are some of my favourite Hefty Salads

Chicken and Apple

In one big bow mix 2 handfuls of butterhead lettuce, 1 thinly sliced red onion, 1 sliced red apple, ¼ cup of feta cheese, chopped black olive (1/4 cup), 200 grams of chicken breast or thighs seared of with rosemary, ¼ cup of almond slivers.

Dressing: Whisk ½ cup of yogurt with 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp lemon juice, chopped dill.

The Orange Salad

Roast some chopped squash and sweet potatoes in the oven until soft and coloured. Leave cool. In a big bowl, toss with 1 sliced red onion, ¼ cup shaved aged parmesan cheese, 1 cup of arugula, ¼ cup chopped parsley, ¼ cup of chopped dates. Top with 150 grams of seared sirloin/chopped.

Sauce: Take the sauce from the pan used to cook the sirloin, mix with 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar, a splash of orange juice and a little ricotta cheese just to thicken the sauce.

The Canned Salad

Chop and cook 2 bell peppers, toss with ½ cooked mixed beans (cold), 1 can of your favourite tuna chunks, 2 boiled eggs chopped, canned artichoke hearts, ¼ cup chopped olives.

Sauce: French dressing. Whisk mustard, evoo and lemon juice together.

The Chop Salad

Take 1 handful of mixed greens, chop it all up with one whole cucumber, 1 red onion, 1 white corn seared, 1 cup of grated cabbage. Sear off some chicken (200 grams), chop it into bits, and toss with crunchy chopped peanuts (4tbsps).

Sauce: Pre-made Japanese sesame dressing.

Thai Beef Salad

Sear 150g of beef and let cool. Slice 1 white onion thinly, toss with 1 sliced tomato, 1 thinly sliced cucumber. Place beef on top. Top with crunchy green beans.

Sauce: Mix 1tbsp of peanut butter with 2 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of sweet thai chilli and a little rice vinegar to loosen it all up if need be.

Red Salad

Cook 2 beets. Remove the skin and thinly slice them. Peel one peach or nectarine and thinly slice. Sear 200grams of tuna loin, season in salt and pepper. Cut into chunk. Toss the whole with ¼ cup of crumbled goat cheese. Top with a handful of fresh arugula.

Sauce: Balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.

The Salmon Salad

Layout some smoked salmon, top with a handful of chopped parsley, ½ cup of cooked and cooled quinoa and 1 cup of chopped lettuce.

Sauce: 1 tbsp of capers mashed in with ½ cup of greek yogurt, 2 tbsp of evoo, 1 tbsp lemon juice. Mix and season.

The Bacon Salad

Chop 1 cup of button mushrooms, toss with a cup of frise salad (or mache), 5 tbsp of chopped walnuts, 1 thinly sliced apple, 5 small chopped radishes, 2sliced and grilled white onions, natural bacon chunks (1/2 cup) seared.

Sauce: Balsamic dressing

The Better Egg Salad Sandwich

Layout 1 cup of shaved cabbage. Boil 3 eggs, peel and chop with 4 tbsp of yogurt, ¼ cup chopped seared bacon, evoo, ¼ cup of chopped parsley, ½ cup of smoked turkey breast. Mix it all with the cabbage. Add evoo and lemon juice if needed.

The Barbecue Salad

Sear 5 chicken thighs and toss them in tbsp of your favourite barbecue sauce. Toss with 4 stalks of chopped celery, 1 diced red pepper, 1 can of drained corn, 1 red onion thinly sliced, ¼ cup of chopped parsley, ½ cup of chopped fresh baby spinach. Toss the whole thing with 2 tbsp. of sour cream and a squirt of lemon. Season.

For more information, check out the Salad Bible post i put up last Jan.







    1. Trisha August 16, 2013 at 4:21 pm

      Seeing this in the middle of the night makes me wanna run towards my fridge!

    1. Angela Solon November 3, 2013 at 2:39 am

      Hi Erwan, I’d just like to tell you that I’ve had the same experience as you. I was a chubby kid last year and it was hard for me because I was constantly bullied and picked on by kids in school including my own friends. By the time summer break came, I decided I had to do something about it. I changed my lifestyle by eating more greens and fruits and avoiding all things fatty and processed. I worked out at least five times a week and voila! I lost 30 pounds. I came back to school and received mixed reactions– some were amazed and inspired while some asked me if I was taking drugs. (pfft haters) Anyways, I saw your ANC interview and I was beyond words totally inspired all over again. It reminded me why I started doing it in the first place. Having all this negative vibe around me is very discouraging especially when we have group lunches and I decide to order a salad, some of my friends would make a big fuss about it. It’s annoying that they do not understand much less support my endeavor. It’s refreshing to know that someone out there especially someone like you went through the same thing and is prepared to motivate people like us to continue on this healthy lifestyle. You are so inspiring!

      Note: You’re not the only lucky person in your relationship. Anne is very lucky to have you as well. Please continue on inspiring others :)

    1. Sharmaine November 3, 2013 at 4:31 pm

      Why does it called a “Hefty Salad”?.

    1. kit de dios March 4, 2014 at 10:19 am

      Hi Erwan, Where can i buy greek yogurt? thanks.




I gained weight because of a sedentary lifestyle and overly indulging in foods I knew were bad for me, eating out too often, taking the easy route (microwavable dishes) and not caring what went in my body, before I knew it reached 240 lbs. I lost weight through pure dedication, tireless hours of hard work and yes, food. I cooked my way to fitness, making sure to only feed myself tasty well prepared dishes with all the right stuff, the perfect fuel, taking me down to 150lbs. Of course I indulge from time to time, as the fat kid still lurks inside of me; here you will find a little bit of everything for the sole purpose of sharing my passion for food and life.





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